Service Rates

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T & T Cleaning Services strives to be thorough, efficient and most of all, cost effective.

 Our services are based on numerous factors including cleaning requests, cleaning frequency, home size and age, lifestyle, and the presence of pets in your home.

Estimated Rates:

Site Size

Square Footage


Small 250 - 1200 Starting at $75.00
Medium 1200 - 2500 Starting at $95.00
Large 2500 - above Site Estimate Required



Intensive Cleaning

  • Per instance charge:  $100-$195.00  
    **For regular service customers the rate can be as low as $80 in addition to the per visit charges for that month**


Move In/Move Out Cleaning

  • Per instance charge - Move-Out Clean:  $220-$325.
  • Per instance charge - Move In Clean: 175.00


First Time Clean 

  • Per instance charge:  120.00 to 195.00.
All cleaning products provided.  If you have a special product you want used on your home we ask you supply it the day of the clean and each visit thereafter.  Vinegar and ammonia are the main ingredients of the majority of our cleaning products and we use essential oils to alleviate any aroma these scents may leave in your home.  Please know these scents dissipate over 12-18 hours.

Special Requests/Priced at time of request:

  • Patio/Decks/Outdoor furniture
  • Refrigerator Cleaning
  • Clean Oven
  • Fireplace Cleaning
  • Detail Window Cleaning(interior only-at reach)
  • Laundry at time of visit
  • Clean and Detail interior kitchen cabinets and drawers